Семинар 26.05.2020

Докладчик: Xia Chen (University of Tennessee)

Тема: Parabolic Anderson models – Large scale asymptotics

Abstract. The model of the parabolic Anderson equation is relevant to some problems  arising from physics such as the particle movement in disorder media, population dynamics, and to the KPZ equations through a suitable transformation.

In the name of intermittency, broadly speaking, there has been increasing interest in the asymptotic behaviors of the system, over a large scale of the time or space, formulated in a quench or annealed form. By the multiplicative structure of the equation, the model is expected to grow geometrically. Hence, the ideas and methods developed from the area of large deviations become relevant and effective to some problems on intermittency.

The talk is to provide some general view on the recent development over the topic of intermittency of this model.

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