Kyiv-Leipzig Conference “Stochastic Processes and Related Topics”

The conference will be held on-line on June 10-11, 2024.

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The schedule of the conference:

Monday, 10.06.2024
10:00-10:10Opening of the Conference
10:10-10:50Andrey A. Dorogovtsev
Asymptotic properties of freesing random knot
10:50-11:30Georgii Riabov
Coalescing stochastic flows on metric graphs
11:30-12:10Mykola Vovchanskyi
Finite-dimensional densities for Arratia flows with drift
14:30-15:10Max von Renesse
15:10-15:50Oleksii Rudenko
Necessary and sufficient conditions for intersections of
independent Markov processes
15:50-16:20Marie-Christin Bormann
17:00-17:30Kyrylo Kuchynskii
Asymptotic behavior of SDE with interaction
17:30-18:00Hennadii Navrotskyi
Number of upcrossings by Gaussian random field
on the circle
18:00-18:30Qi Yan
Tuesday, 11.06.2024
10:00-10:40Andrey Pilipenko
Limit behaviour of perturbed random walks
10:40-11:20Alexander Kreiss
11:20-11:50Kateryna Kustareva
Difference scheme for stochastic differential equations
with interaction
11:50-12:20Yingxin Mu
12:50-13:30Kateryna Hlyniana
Liouville theorem for equations with interaction
and its applications
13:30-14:00Alexander Weiss
14:00-14:30Vadym Tkachenko
A necessary and sufficient condition for explosion
of a semi-Markov death-birth walk
15:00-15:40Vitalii Konarovskyi
15:40-15:10Fenna Mueller
15:10-16:20Closing of the Conference